Why Your New Year Goals (Probably) Won't Work

Resolutions come and go, what do they say about us?

When we continually make and then give up on resolutions, it can mean that we are unhappy with our life but we don’t know how to make the change.  If every January you make a less than convincing effort to make a change, before settling back down into the way things were, maybe it’s time to  do things differently.
January seems like a good time to make a change because everyone around us is doing the same thing. Though I believe all change is good, I also think that we are setting ourselves up for failure if we believe that the date will make a difference.

Why Your New Year Goals Won’t Work

Look at why you want to make the change. What have you done previously? What worked and what didn’t? How will it be different this time?  Who are you doing it for? Is it purely for you or are you trying to please someone else? Also ask yourself.
Is it a good decision?
Does it fit in with your values?
Will it fit in with every area of your life?
Do you have a solid plan?
If you do things the way that you have done them in the past, chances are your goals won’t work. When you can answer the above questions you are ready to create your goal and more likely to succeed.

January can be a hard time of year

The holidays are gone, the weather may be cold and the disappointment of unrealized expectations sets in.  If for you, this is the absolute worst time to make a big change, don’t do it.  It may be helpful for you to take a break, read a book and give yourself some time for self care before you jump in.

Techniques that can help

If you are ready and need help with breaking a habit try my videos for cravings.
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Why Your New Year Goals Won't Work
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If there is a particular goal that you would like help with, let me know and I may feature it in my next video.  I would also love to hear about your success stories, what works for you? Share your ideas in the comments.

By Trish Taylor

Author and Speaker