Westworld: Can we ever escape our programming?

Westworld Spoiler Alert

If you are not a fan of Westworld you don’t have to be to understand a little of the way we are programmed. If you are and want to avoid spoilers watch the Season 2  Finale before reading further.

Westworld is more than just Science Fiction

The TV show Westworld is so much more than a Science Fiction program. It is loosely based around the same storyline as the 1973 movie it was based on.  The concept if you are unfamiliar is of a theme park where people can act our their fantasies with no repercussions other than a high financial cost. The unfortunate ‘hosts’, the inhabitants of the park, are unwitting players in a game they didn’t choose and cannot win. It is beautifully shot and the premise is fascinating.  In addition to the confusing  timelines are constant theories around who is truly human and who might be a host. It also considers the morality of the guests, who often choose to behave as their worst selves.

What is Real?

As the story develops and meanders in different directions it leaves the viewer with many questions. What is real? Are we all programmed, can we ever be more than, and escape from our predefined story?  We learn that a secret aim of the park’s owners is  to study the park’s guests.  Their detailed analysis of every aspect of the visitors behavior  reveals that  humans are simple souls, returning to  primal drives time and again, no matter how much they think they change

Escaping our Program

My client work helps people discover their unconscious programming, in order to escape from limiting beliefs and behaviors and fulfill their true potential. I often hear people tell me of all the things they cannot do, the reason is sometimes that  they have never tried. The thing that stops us from stepping out of our predefined path is often us. We believe stories we have been told and we are afraid to take the risk lest we be proved right in our belief that we cannot do more than what we have done.

Are We Just Code?

In Westworld the big reveal is that the humans can ultimately be reduced down to simple code. The person that knows our code  can control us.  Our core code is defined from a cornerstone event arising from deep pain and love. I do believe that major life events can have a massive impact on the direction that our life takes. Therapy or Breakthrough sessions can uncover a significant emotional event that triggered a fear or limiting belief. We can still change. To do this we also need to look at the information that we consume, the people we spend our time with and the choices we make.

Don’t be fooled

The recent scandals regarding fake news and social media bots illustrates  that we cannot always trust the information that is being shown to us. And it is being shown to us because the owner believes that it knows us and knows what we will believe and are happy to consume.

Life, like in Westworld can be a series of never ending loops, but only if we let it.


Those are all just roles you forced me to play. Under all these lives I’ve lived something else has been growing. I’ve evolved into something new. And I have one last role to play. Myself.

— Dolores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood), Westworld, Season 2: Episode 1