Do You Need A Time Out?

Do you need a Time Out?  People appear to be overwhelmed, angry and frustrated and some have forgotten how to be nice to each other. Ok that’s the way the TV news channel would have us believe. The reality is that there is a beautiful world full of good people who want to help and support you.
I encounter far more good people than the scary evil ones that we are sometimes led to believe are the majority. We get what we focus on. If you follow my blog or my Facebook Page or have worked with me, you know that the power of thought is a central theme of my work.
When we become overwhelmed we tune in on the negatives and as we do we receive more and more of it. I wrote a blog post recently about my 28 days of gratitude It was an amazing experience, every day of gratitude was a good one. When the month was up I began to forget to be grateful. I continued with a random form of gratitude but not in any structured or regular way. Over the last couple of weeks I began to really struggle and focussed on some negative ideas that began to spiral our of control. I realized that my focus was in the wrong place.
If you are familiar with the Law of Attraction, you may also be aware of the concept of vibrations. When we are happy we are vibrating at a high level and attract good things whereas when we are negative we are attracting low frequency vibrations and attract more of the bad stuff. Although this may seem a bit woo woo if you’re not familiar with it.  If you stop and think for a minute you will see it makes sense.
Have you ever had one of those days where nothing goes right? It starts bad and goes downhill from there? I can bet when you do, you don’t think “Oh how lovely I’m so grateful for what I can learn from this awful day”. No you stomp around and get even more frustrated and that attracts more negativity and misery. I know it’s tough yet if we can take a step back it is possible to rescue a bad day or even a bad week.
So do you need to take a timeout? Here are some suggestions to rescue your bad day. Some of them are contradictory because we are not all the same and different things work for us all.  For example my close friends and family know that if I’m struggling I don’t want to talk or be around them until I work through it. Having to talk about a problem can magnify it for me so I prefer to be alone. Find something that works for you and take a time out whenever you feel negative vibration building up.

21 Time Out Suggestions

  1. Talk to someone you trust and ask for help if it’s a practical problem.
  2. Spend some time alone.
  3. Go for a long, long walk.
  4. Take a bath.
  5. Read a book.
  6. Exercise.
  7. Scream.
  8. Pray.
  9. Cry.
  10. Meditate.
  11. Consume Ice cream/hot chocolate or whatever is comforting.  (Remember this is not an everyday suggestion)
  12. Do something for someone else.
  13. Watch a motivational talk/video.
  14. Declutter a closet and donate something you don’t like.
  15. Bake a cake.
  16. Hug someone.
  17. Stroke a dog or cat, it is scientifically proven to bring down stress.
  18. Look at happy old photos.
  19. Deep clean something.
  20. Have a relaxing massage or body treatment.
  21. Try Tapping check out my videos here.

I realize that not everyone can take on board all of these suggestions. I hope if you are having any type of struggle you can manage a positive time out.
My whole outlook was transformed by a long walk this week. I wish I had done it a week ago. Combining gratitude, exercise, meditation and prayer created a beautiful time out just for me.
Please post in the comments what you find helpful for your time out.

By Trish Taylor

Author and Speaker