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Well written, well paced and very well researched. I enjoyed the anecdotes that brought humor and a personal touch to the book. This book is for any of us searching for ways to increase our effectiveness and push back from negative actions. Resources for alternative therapies are included. Exceptional editing as well!

Amazon review for Why am I Scared? Face your fears and learn to let them go.

​Meghan G.

This may be the most helpful book I have ever read. Practical advice. I am looking forward to tomorrow for the first time in years. I am going to spend my day sober.

Amazon Review for I'm Never Drinking Again: Maybe It's Time To Think About Your Drinking.


After just one session with Trish I gained clarity to focus on my goal of buying a beautiful home in Boca Raton, South Florida. and have gone on to achieve it in the time I set. I now get together with Trish regularly every few weeks or so to continue setting & achieving other goals. I highly recommend working with Trish!!!

Kim D.

Trish helped me cope with a very tumultuous period in my life. Her calm, patient, non-judgmental approach to her students from various stages of life and varied emotional issues makes her a truly amazing teacher - with her ability to help all to work toward a peaceful life. I highly recommend her as a teacher she has a huge amount of intelligence and insight into the soul.

Ceil R.

Trish is well skilled and adept understanding her client's situation and has the ability to assess what their particular personality traits will respond to. She is tireless in her efforts and desire to help you get where you want to go. Go see her. You won't regret the time or investment in you.

Jodi Brown

Trish was delightful and easy to talk to, I felt totally at ease and working with her. Drawing from her extensive knowledge of helpful techniques and guided imagery, Trish help me break through several issues that serve no purpose in my life. One issue in particular had to do with the relationship with my dad. The technique that Trish guided me through worked immediately and from that point my relationship with my father was saved. I'm forever grateful to Trish, for several reasons but the biggest is being able to enjoy what time I have left with my father, being totally set free from past resentments.

Cindy M.

I attended the NLP and Tapping workshop yesterday with Trish Taylor. The energy was amazing and left me wanting to experience more. If you are feeling stuck in any situation in your life I highly recommend attending this  free workshop you will discover the unlimited potential and power within you Trish is a blessing. May you be blessed 

Tullio Lowd 

Trish is a master of guiding visualizations. She really hears you and helps you envision a future in a way that you feel as if you actually experienced it!

The resources she shared with me and the books she recommended were extremely helpful and tailored to my needs. The breakthrough process helped me be more aware and introspective. It helped me find my motivation to take the steps I needed to take to reach my goals with the confidence needed to make it happen.

Robin Jones 

I LOVE working with Trish. I feel like a million bucks after a session. I've seen her for multiple separate issues and am always amazed at how I just forget about the problem I went in for. It really makes you feel like a new person. I definitely recommend Trish for any issue you may have. Elisabeth Soileau

Elisabeth Soileau

Trish is incredibly respectful and empathetic ... She explains everything you are going to to do in her sessions .... When I left I felt a relief that I could actually let go of past hurts .... I went into it thinking it was completely the opposite of what it was ... I believe that anything you are struggling with Trish will be able to help you move forward which is what it is all about !!!! 

Ashlee Sloane Warner

Had an appointment today with Trish today at Taylored NLP for anxiety and left feeling exhilarated. Will highly recommend her and will be back for more appointments in the future!! Erin Hinze

Erin Hinze

Fantastic and immediate results from anxiety/panic attack. I used to travel by airplane numerous times each year. In 2006 I had a panic attack, mid-flight that left me with flying anxiety, it would give me white-knuckled, sweaty palms with just overhearing people discuss flying. Trish was able to take me through many different exercises that were fun and exciting, and left me feeling more empowered each visit. In 2013 I flew to South America and back without anxiety (and luggage, but that's a different story).

Lindsey Jeudevine D.C.

Highly recommend TayloredNLP. Empowerment techniques that truly work.

Mike Arbrouet

I've been visiting Trish off and on for a couple of years working on a variety of issues, but mainly dealing with getting rid of the baggage that was holding me back after an unexpected divorce. Together we worked on releasing anger, fear, and many limiting beliefs that were guiding my "stinkin' thinkin." I highly recommend Trish for "getting your head straight" as I like to put it.

John Klose

I'm just amazed at how 3 hours can change so much! I was dealing with anxiety, stress and fear, to the point that I was crying almost daily....In    the past few weeks I don't remember crying once,. Worth EVERY penny and I feel it was more effective than traditional therapy!

Valerie Brown

Breakthrough. If you are looking for a breakthrough, you need to meet Trish Taylor. Amazing work with an awe-inspiring professional. Trish cares for the development of a better human experience, and it is transparent on how she works, motivates and gives perspective.
If you are a business owner that is looking for inner-guidance without knowing where to look first, she will assist you in gaining clarity to achieve what you really need.

Felipe Gouvea Muñoz

I was afraid of a very important physical exam I had coming up and she got me to face my fears and gave me positive thinking methods that I used right before my test, and passed.

Fantasie Cobb