Is Overwhelm and Comparison Stealing Your Joy?

When we compare ourselves and our achievements to others it can be tempting to become despondent. I have recently been around people  who seem to be doing really well, starting new businesses, decorating their homes, planning vacations – being successful. I had a depressing moment of comparison and it seems that poor little old me… Continue reading Is Overwhelm and Comparison Stealing Your Joy?

The Overnight Success Myth

Or How To Gain Success Steadily American Idol and Reality TV shows give us the idea that there is a way to make it big and that it will happen overnight. Yet behind the scenes there is a whole lot of work that goes into making an overnight success.  It’s hard to avoid the abundance  of information out… Continue reading The Overnight Success Myth

The Amazing Jackie Brown

She Will Make A Runner Out Of You! If you live in Pensacola and spend any time outside, particularly if you run, you will have probably come across Jackie Brown. She tells me as long as the sun is up, she is usually up and out. What I didn’t know was that she didn’t run… Continue reading The Amazing Jackie Brown

How To Be Happy

If found following these 21 steps made me much happier. Be nice to everyone, from the person who delivers your mail to the people who you disagree with. Forgive yourself, you are human not a robot, you are not perfect and  you will make mistakes. Smile at people and talk to strangers, it’s hard at… Continue reading How To Be Happy

My Year Without Alcohol

Just over a year ago I was listening to a podcast about how to be a successful entrepreneur. When asked a question about his success, the interviewee said that his one piece of advice was that drinking alcohol was a distraction and so he didn’t drink. This planted a seed and put me on the… Continue reading My Year Without Alcohol

Hope You 'Get To' Have a Merry Christmas

Yesterday my friends and I were chatting about  people who are hard to buy gifts for. We realized that worrying about what to buy people who don’t want or need anything is a pretty crazy first world problem It got me thinking about things that we feel that we ‘have’ to do rather than what… Continue reading Hope You 'Get To' Have a Merry Christmas