Is Overwhelm and Comparison Stealing Your Joy?

When we compare ourselves and our achievements to others it can be tempting to become despondent. I have recently been around people  who seem to be doing really well, starting new businesses, decorating their homes, planning vacations – being successful. I had a depressing moment of comparison and it seems that poor little old me… Continue reading Is Overwhelm and Comparison Stealing Your Joy?

A Guide To A Happy Life

I have read hundreds of blogs, articles and books on success, happiness and how to live a happy life in the last few years. There is no one secret to happiness.  There are ways to make life better, easier and hopefully, ultimately happier. The following list is a culmination of what I discovered. A list of… Continue reading A Guide To A Happy Life

Bragging or Bitching?

Are you generally bragging or bitching? or to put it more politely are you focusing on the positive or the negative? Which are you guilty of?  Most people fall into one of two camps. Either you delight in showing us your vacation photos, your new car, running stats, fancy dinner, children’s masterpiece and graduation videos.… Continue reading Bragging or Bitching?

The One Thing That Will Change Your Life

When I was a teenager, I prided myself on being different. I was completely obsessed with  progressive rock music and was convinced that my friends and I were the only ones who knew the real secrets of life. I  would never join the rat race and certainly wouldn’t wear ‘normal’ clothes like a boring person.… Continue reading The One Thing That Will Change Your Life

Relationships Are In The Details

My husband Al doesn’t  know how to stack a dishwasher, or rather he doesn’t know how to stack one efficiently so that everything gets clean, you know? the way I do it.  My stepson Jarvis and I also joke that  we wonder if he really lives here, because when he is responsible for emptying it,… Continue reading Relationships Are In The Details

Your Virtual Assistant

Having a virtual assistant is becoming more and more common. Successful people outsource  duties to assistants that they hire online, the assistants are often from other countries where English is not the first language, but rates are  considerably cheaper than in the US or UK. You go to bed and in the morning your list… Continue reading Your Virtual Assistant

Time To Let Go?

What are you holding onto from the past that is spoiling your life? What does it benefit you to keep holding on? Only you are responsible for your emotions. We often say “he/she makes me feel…” In reality only you have the power to make yourself feel anything, you can choose your emotions. You have… Continue reading Time To Let Go?

Will Your Funeral Be the Only Day You Stop Traffic?

In the South of the US where I currently live, it is the custom for a funeral procession to travel to the burial in convoy usually with the lights on, other vehicles are required to stop as a sign of respect. When I am waiting in traffic for the convoy to move on I sometimes… Continue reading Will Your Funeral Be the Only Day You Stop Traffic?