15 ways to change your mood instead of smoking a cigarette

I’m sure I’m not alone in having one of those type of days. Yesterday lots of little things didn’t go according to plan and then there were things happening to friends and family that had me worried. So I looked at a friend’s pack of cigarettes and thought, I could just have one… Thankfully the… Continue reading 15 ways to change your mood instead of smoking a cigarette

1000 Days Without Alcohol

I Quit Drinking I cannot believe it myself. It is over 1000 days since my last drink. Do you drink? Or maybe you eat donuts? Smoke marijuana? Are addicted to the gym? We all use something to change our state. To make us feel better. You may not feel you are addicted. I don’t think… Continue reading 1000 Days Without Alcohol

Declutter Your Time

Decluttering possessions has become very popular in the last few years and I have been one of those excited about living with less. But what about decluttering your time? Is there something in your life that is sucking your energy, your emotions, your finances or your time? or even draining all of them? In our busy… Continue reading Declutter Your Time

10 Tips To Change A Habit

We develop habits over time and before we know it they can become a part of our life that we have a hard time changing. Each person’s habit is different and the only definition of a bad one is that you no longer want to do it.  Whether it be smoking, decluttering, unhealthy eating, or any… Continue reading 10 Tips To Change A Habit

The One Thing That Will Change Your Life

When I was a teenager, I prided myself on being different. I was completely obsessed with  progressive rock music and was convinced that my friends and I were the only ones who knew the real secrets of life. I  would never join the rat race and certainly wouldn’t wear ‘normal’ clothes like a boring person.… Continue reading The One Thing That Will Change Your Life

My Year Without Alcohol

Just over a year ago I was listening to a podcast about how to be a successful entrepreneur. When asked a question about his success, the interviewee said that his one piece of advice was that drinking alcohol was a distraction and so he didn’t drink. This planted a seed and put me on the… Continue reading My Year Without Alcohol