Ways To Be Less Lonely

Do You Want To Feel Less Lonely? Do you have moments where you feel you will never make friends?  As we move locations, shift into different phases of our lives, or go to college, it can be tough to make new friends. I Was Lonely When I Left My Country You may be surprised that… Continue reading Ways To Be Less Lonely

Create Rapport And Get Along With Anyone

Create Rapport And Get Along With Anyone It is possible to use rapport to get along with anyone and yet there are times when you may have good reason for not wanting to develop and maintain rapport. What Is Rapport? You know that feeling you get when you meet someone and it seems as if… Continue reading Create Rapport And Get Along With Anyone

How To Be Happy

If found following these 21 steps made me much happier. Be nice to everyone, from the person who delivers your mail to the people who you disagree with. Forgive yourself, you are human not a robot, you are not perfect and  you will make mistakes. Smile at people and talk to strangers, it’s hard at… Continue reading How To Be Happy

An Independence Day Tribute

My friend Pete passed away in 2014.  As I couldn’t attend his funeral. I paid this tribute to him. Pete’s funeral was held on 4th July. Although the date does not have the same significance in England where the funeral was held. There is  a link between Pete’s life and the concept of independence. For… Continue reading An Independence Day Tribute