Gratitude Is A Magic Marker

Gratitude Is A Magic Marker I am learning that gratitude is a  magic marker pen that allows us to draw a beautiful new life.  On the opposite end of the pen is a transformative eraser, that reframes our problems into possibilities, creating a life that we can learn  to love via the gift of gratitude..… Continue reading Gratitude Is A Magic Marker

Are You Ready For Change?

Most of the people I meet who are in need of help are not desperately unhappy. They have simply reached a point where they are ready to make a change. Finally ready to work on the one thing that is between them and the life they want. Sometimes it’s about breaking a habit or thinking… Continue reading Are You Ready For Change?

How To Be Happy

If found following these 21 steps made me much happier. Be nice to everyone, from the person who delivers your mail to the people who you disagree with. Forgive yourself, you are human not a robot, you are not perfect and  you will make mistakes. Smile at people and talk to strangers, it’s hard at… Continue reading How To Be Happy

Time To Let Go?

What are you holding onto from the past that is spoiling your life? What does it benefit you to keep holding on? Only you are responsible for your emotions. We often say “he/she makes me feel…” In reality only you have the power to make yourself feel anything, you can choose your emotions. You have… Continue reading Time To Let Go?