Who Are You Trying To Impress?

Spring Cleaning I have been spring cleaning, ok decluttering again. I admit it’s often a distraction. This time I’m doing it intentionally. I’ve reached a turning point where I have some decisions to make. I am finding that doing physical as well as internal cleaning and clearing is helpful. I reached into my bookcase the… Continue reading Who Are You Trying To Impress?

Dating After Divorce – The Dance That Changed My Life

15 years ago today, on a Friday night in England, my divorce was about to come through and I had just celebrated my 40th birthday. A friend invited me to go to a salsa club. I had  been salsa dancing a few times before and enjoyed it, but wasn’t particularly good at it. I was… Continue reading Dating After Divorce – The Dance That Changed My Life

Freedom From Fear

What are you scared of? In Halloween month we are surrounded by scary images that we use for fun. Yet many of us are living in fear of real issues that don’t include fake blood and skeletons. I have spent a lot of my life recognizing and handling my own fears and working to help… Continue reading Freedom From Fear

Declutter Your Time

Decluttering possessions has become very popular in the last few years and I have been one of those excited about living with less. But what about decluttering your time? Is there something in your life that is sucking your energy, your emotions, your finances or your time? or even draining all of them? In our busy… Continue reading Declutter Your Time

Are You Ready For Change?

Most of the people I meet who are in need of help are not desperately unhappy. They have simply reached a point where they are ready to make a change. Finally ready to work on the one thing that is between them and the life they want. Sometimes it’s about breaking a habit or thinking… Continue reading Are You Ready For Change?

These Things Do Not Define You

These Things Do Not Define You You Are So Much More Than Any Of These Your past Your nickname Your family Your job Your failures Your pain Your weight Your education Your guilt Your hairline Your sleepless nights Your mistakes Your insecurity Your fears Your sadness Your binge eating Your mortgage Your long hours Your… Continue reading These Things Do Not Define You

The One Thing That Will Change Your Life

When I was a teenager, I prided myself on being different. I was completely obsessed with  progressive rock music and was convinced that my friends and I were the only ones who knew the real secrets of life. I  would never join the rat race and certainly wouldn’t wear ‘normal’ clothes like a boring person.… Continue reading The One Thing That Will Change Your Life