Are You Ready to Think About Quitting Drinking?

My Favorite Hobby I have to admit that as hobbies go, drinking was one of my favorites. On weekends in particular I looked forward to that first drink all day long and wondered how early was too early to begin. Yet a few years ago I wondered if maybe, just maybe, I was enjoying it… Continue reading Are You Ready to Think About Quitting Drinking?

My Year Without Alcohol

Just over a year ago I was listening to a podcast about how to be a successful entrepreneur. When asked a question about his success, the interviewee said that his one piece of advice was that drinking alcohol was a distraction and so he didn’t drink. This planted a seed and put me on the… Continue reading My Year Without Alcohol

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See my latest video for a great technique to help you relax and reset yourself. You may also want to subscribe to my You Tube channel for more free videos. Videos include techniques to help with stress, food and alcohol cravings, goal setting, more coming soon. Collarbone Breathing Disclaimer Videos for educational purposes only. Taylored… Continue reading Check Out My Videos