Strangers In Paradise

There are some really cool things popping up around town. I had noticed the bench you see in the picture and wondered what the deal was, people seemed to be doing more than just sitting on it.
Today I checked it out and learned that it is part of a festival and is a musical bench. When  the copper plates on the arms are touched and you also touch another person you make a connection via a micro-controller and music is created.
I was keen to try it out but was on my own. Time to practice what I preach and get out of my comfort zone. I saw three guys walking up the street and asked if they wanted to come sit and experiment, asking complete strangers to make music by touching them may be a little odd but it was so much fun. We  enjoyed a few minutes of unexpected  human interaction, the world felt brighter, safer, friendlier and more beautiful than ever.  As my new friends headed off up the street I heard one of them say it had made his day, it made mine too.

By Trish Taylor

Author and Speaker