Are You Ready to Think About Quitting Drinking?

My Favorite Hobby

I have to admit that as hobbies go, drinking was one of my favorites. On weekends in particular I looked forward to that first drink all day long and wondered how early was too early to begin.

Yet a few years ago I wondered if maybe, just maybe, I was enjoying it a little too much. After a couple of glasses of wine I felt good but after the third glass, well between me and you I sometimes turned into an idiot. I never really understood the idea of being able to ‘hold’ your drink. Wasn’t drinking about letting it all hang out and NOT holding it? I discovered a few years ago that Americans call what I would consider being tipsy as a sloppy drunk, what an awful term, yet when I think back to some of my nights out and a few nights in, that describes it pretty accurately.

I will not pretend that I didn’t have great times drinking, I did, yet I also had times where I felt very depressed and there were dark times you can read more about in my book. Ultimately, I questioned if drinking alcohol was an asset in my life and when I did some honest reflection, I could say no it wasn’t.

I Quit Drinking

Some days I can hardly believe that I did it. I quit for 21 days in January 2015 and kept going.  Waking up without a hangover every day, having a clear head and the added bonus of losing weight from the reduction in empty calories, has overall been a good decision for me.

Do You Want to Quit Drinking?

Unlike many people who quit drinking I’m not evangelical about it, I won’t tell  you that you should quit, because I don’t know you or your situation. What I think is, if YOU think it’s time to look at your drinking then… well you should.

Some people drink because of habit others because they are trying to handle deep emotional issues, foe some of us it may be a mixture or things.

I read a range of books about quitting drinking and most of them offered a ‘program’ as a solution, the weird thing was that I kept meeting people who told me they had quit and had never set foot in an AA meeting, they had searched for alternatives and found their own way to quit.

My Book – I’m Never Drinking Again

So I wrote a book for those of you who are where I was a few years ago.Maybe you are ready to look at your drinking and begin a journey that could change your life. My book is an exploration as to whether your drinking is a problem and some options that might help.

There is More Than One Option

Maybe you will decide that a 12 step-program is for you, or you might find another way, whatever you decide I hope that you make a choice good for you and the people in your life that drinking might be affecting. It is never too late to change and it is always a good time to think about it.

I found an online support forum on Reddit really helpful when I first quit check it out

Here is a video I made shortly after I quit that has techniques to help with cravings. I have since learned to hold the camera the correct way 😀

Below is the link to a preview of my book which is available in print or digital formats.

DISCLAIMER: It is always a good idea to check with your doctor before making a change, alcohol withdrawal can be dangerous and even fatal for heavy drinkers.



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