Love Your Amazing Body

Name a Diet and I’ve Done It

I used to dream of a life where I could eat whatever I wanted. I have spent most of my adult life not loving or appreciating my body. I have been on most diets you have heard of and some you won’t have. Becoming ‘thin’ was my obsession.

Our Bodies Are Amazingly Efficient

Over the past few years I have changed the way I eat. More fresh produce, less processed food, I no longer drink alcohol and exercise regularly. Though thinner than I have been in a long time, I still have unwanted  fat on my body. I began to consider what amazingly efficient structures our bodies are. They are designed to need much less food than we give them and can do all the physical activities required, still managing to store fat so that we have it in case of famine. Though this may not be a comfort when we are desperate to lose weight, it can help us to view it from a different perspective.
Since I have begun to work with my body and make more of an effort to give it what it needs, losing weight has happened naturally rather than by dieting. On days that I fail to consider my body’s needs (yes I occasionally still eat a huge bag of Cheetos as a replacement for lunch) my body yearns for something with nutritional value and  later I end up eating twice as much as normal. If we learn to listen, our bodies will tell us what they need.

Visualize What You Want To See

I also learned to visualize what I wanted to see in the mirror.  Clearly Imagining what we want to see is a powerful and effective technique. We get what we focus on.  Constantly belittling ourselves will not get us the results we desire.

Try Something Different

If what you have been doing is not working, why not try something different? As I said I tried numerous diets and it wasn’t until I changed my thinking that I began to get lasting results.
Imagine the way you would like to look and visualize that regularly. Try this technique 
Thank your body for serving you, even when you do not treat it as well as you could.
Ask your body for forgiveness for the times you have mistreated it.
Look in the mirror and focus on the parts you like and be grateful.
Love your body and it will return the favor.
If you have cravings for specific type of food that you no longer want to eat, try some of my easy to follow Tapping techniques.
Let me know what works for you in the comments.

By Trish Taylor

Author and Speaker