The Law Of Attraction Made Simple

What Is The Law of Attraction?

What is this law of attraction stuff all about you ask?
There are currently lots of books and videos available as well as many ‘gurus’ selling products and trainings based on this ‘Law.’ Much of the information is excellent, yet what you need to know is fairly straightforward.
These are the simple guidelines to using the Law Of Attraction and manifesting what you want.
If you want something in your life, you need to attract it by vibrating at a high frequency. What does that mean? Simply, being joyful, happy and feeling good.

Place Your Order

Some suggest that we should imagine we have placed an order from the Universe. Think of when you order an item from an online store. You don’t keep going back in and ordering it again, changing the order or complaining because it hasn’t arrived. You  place the order, are expectant and happy that it is on it’s way and prepare to  receive it.

Actionable Steps

Think about what you want.
Imagine yourself having it.
Make space for it in your life.
Believe that it will happen.
Find ways to be joyful and happy to keep vibrating at a high level.
Have and express gratitude for all that you already have.
Cut out the complaining.
Focus only on what you want and not what you don’t.
Let go of all striving.
There is a difference between wanting something and being excited about it, and wanting it and feeling that you will never have it. When we strive we lower those vibrations and do not allow the good stuff to come to us.

What About Action?

I have deliberately not focussed on action. Whereas in the past I though that ‘doing something’ was the only way to make it happen,  with the Law of Attraction it works differently. Though action is necessary, I believe it comes when the other things are in place. When I was busy trying and failing every new diet plan, there was a lot of action but not much excitement or joy in the process. When I relaxed and started ‘vibrating’ higher I found the desire to take the required action.
So there you have it. The easy guide to the Law of Attraction
Relax, enjoy the journey and allow the good stuff to find its way to you.

Fun video

See my fun video for ways to raise your vibrations 

By Trish Taylor

Author and Speaker