Listen To Your Gut

What is your gut trying to tell you? What is it that you know that you must  do that you don’t want to? Or that you should stop doing?
Recently the flashing light on my dashboard  indicated  that there was a problem with my vehicle. Following a diagnostic, the mechanic found a hole in my tire. The tire sensor had alerted me to the problem.  After it was replaced, the warning light continued to be displayed.  I later learned the sensor itself was bad.

As humans we have built-in sensors. Pain is a powerful sensor, it warns us that there may be something physically wrong with us that we need to address. Our sensors are just as powerful at alerting us to the fact that there is something wrong with us emotionally. When we feel sad, angry depressed, frustrated or uncomfortable, our sensors are working perfectly and need no replacement. They are sending a message that something needs adjusting.  Our unconscious mind is our most powerful sensor. Its primary role is  to protect us. It therefore begins to alert us as we veer from our own values or place of safety. Some people refer to this as their gut feeling.

If you wake in the night,  feeling anxious or worried,  or there is a persistent feeling of unease, consider what your sensor is trying to tell you.
Maybe it is one of one the following?
You did something that went against your values.
You are about to do something that you don’t want to do or feel you shouldn’t.
An ongoing behavior or habit is no longer serving you and you know that you need to make a big change.
A relationship is wrong and deep down you know you need to end it.
A major purchase is not a good idea.

Your job is no longer fulfilling and no matter how much you push the feeling down, it pops up to remind you.
Our sensors will continue to give us alerts until we listen and take action. Sometimes they will manifest themselves into physical problems to get our attention. Have you ever had a tension headache? backache? a sick feeling in your stomach when you were going through a difficult time? The mind and body are completely connected, if you try to ignore it and attempt to squash those feelings, they will find a different way to surface.

Listen To Your Gut

Learn to listen to your gut.  Become attuned to the  feelings that are coming from your unconscious mind and be ready to see the signs from your sensors. You will then be empowered to make changes that can make your life better?
What has your gut warned you about that you either did or didn’t listen to ? What were the consequence? Share your thoughts in the comments.

By Trish Taylor

Author and Speaker