Fix Your Grumpy Morning

I awoke grumpy and irritated. There seemed to be too much to do and everything was irritating me. Food in the fridge was going bad and needed cooking, dishes needed washing, unanswered emails, irritating social media posts, laundry to fold, optician appointment to make, repairs to organize.
You may have days when you feel completely overwhelmed. Most of the time it’s our standards and the wish to be perfect that is making us miserable.
I went out for a walk and looked up to see the fading moon against the clear blue sky. I began to count my blessings. We want perfection, for life to be easy, tidy and structured. Yet life is messy and unpredictable. People can be difficult and annoying. We will always have tasks that need to be done.

We can reset ourselves


Today I am grateful that the issues that almost triggered a bad day, are also what I can be grateful for.
I have food, a kitchen and power.
I have clothes to be laundered.
People are interested in what I have to offer and are waiting for responses from me.
There are numerous uplifting social media posts I can focus on.
I have medical insurance so I can make my appointment.
It’s ok to have a moment of grumpiness, just don’t dwell on it. If you wake up feeling not quite yourself try a different approach instead of allowing it to spoil your day.

Suggestions to fix a grumpy morning.

Change your situation. If possible take a walk.
Meditate – even 5 minutes of sitting and becoming aware of your breathing can help.
Visualize yourself doing something you like, get the feeling and really imagine yourself in the picture.
Take some exercise, this can shake off  negative feelings.
Try  EFT Tapping –  click link for video technique for anger or irritation 
Do positive Affirmations
Or try this  Collarbone Breathing Exercise 
Do something for someone else. Taking gifts to a homeless shelter or someone in need can help to get perspective and shift your mood.
Look for gratitude among your irritation and fix your grumpy day.

By Trish Taylor

Author and Speaker