It’s Time To Fire Your Head Coach

Are you ready to fire your Head Coach? The one you hear from every minute of every single day?

Imagine you get up in the morning and your appointment with your coach starts like this.

You really are a waste of space
What can you honestly say you have achieved this week?
I think you may as well quit because this is never gonna work.You are such a failure.
If you carry on like this you are never going to find a man/woman/job/house/clients.
You will always be overweight/miserable/poor/lonely.

Fire your “Head” Coach

These words are awful, yet if you are like most of us you have said stuff like this to yourself either out loud or in your head. Just imagine if you sat in front of someone and they said these type of cruel words, you would not keep them around. So let’s fire that crappy coach in your head right now.

The words we say, think, read and focus on have power and can become our reality.

So how do we stop doing it? The first step is to learn to catch yourself. The negative phrases are habits that you have adopted over time. They come from beliefs and values that you have unconsciously accepted. Once you recognize them you can begin to let them go.
You will also find it helpful to work on those beliefs. I use techniques with clients that work quickly and effectively to release unconscious beliefs and negative emotions holding them back.
We must challenge our thinking, it may take time, yet once you recognize the patterns you will be able to fight back. Begin by woking on saying and thinking only positive words. The more you hear powerful and positive words come out of your mouth, the more you will recognize and reject the negative ones.
For example this morning I got up and heard myself say.
Well, you are already up late and have messed up the chance to start your day with a good routine like you keep saying you will.
As I heard these words I countered them. No, I needed sleep and it was deserved after working late, I am a work in progress and plan to be productive today.
If you are not already doing positive affirmations now is a good time to start.

Learn To Use Positive Affirmations

Here are some affirmations to get your day started, taken from my book, Why Am I Scared?
Today is a very good day
I attract joy all day long
I’m excited for all the possibilities of today
This is my best day yet
I am making a difference in the world today
I love being alive today
Everything is working as planned
I have patience in all situations today
Things are falling into place perfectly
I am happy and well
I am loved
All is well today
I am open to everything going perfectly
I feel positive and encouraged
This is a wonderful day
I can do anything and everything today

Its time to fire the coach in your head.

Do tell me what words you hear yourself saying to yourself? Post in the comments and I will see if I can come up with suggestions to counter them.

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By Trish Taylor

Author and Speaker