I’ve Failed and It’s Ok


Do you ever feel like you are completely failing in your plans? It’s ok. Failure is simply feedback, telling us we are off track. I’m learning from mine and you can too.

Life Seemed Easier Back Then

In my previous life in the UK, I was never particularly ambitious. I always used to say as long as I was having fun I didn’t really care about money or success. I did like to stretch myself, so was always attending trainings and further education classes. The key was it was stuff I was excited about. Things seemed to fall into my lap and professionally I was usually happy and successful.
My goals were always about my passion and I generally achieved what I wanted without too much striving.
Recently I have been struggling with stuff in my own head. I set myself some goals and every day have seen them moving further away from me. In focusing on productivity and getting things done I stopped doing the things that really matter.
I love cooking and often put on some old Star Trek episodes and spend a weekend afternoon creating tasty and nutritious meals for the week. Recently, cooking has become stressful, something that I have rushed through, another thing to check off my to do list.
And having fun? well that was not scheduled at all. This weekend I spent time out of town with family for the holiday.  I discovered that the Trish I used to know was still in there somewhere. Even children seemed to like being around me and appreciated my silly side.

Overwhelmed and Off Track

So what happened? I  realize that I have been looking at other people  and comparing myself to where they are on their journey and thinking I should be there too. This is not an excuse to not do my work. I love being active and getting things done but when I am shifting papers, re-writing to-do lists  and things are piling up, it’s time to change the focus.

And I’m Back

So this short message is simply to say. Life is not about striving, the Law of Attraction has finally seeped into my brain and I am letting go and allowing things to happen. I still have goals but if they are off track they will wait. The online course will be late, the book will not be written this year. I will be better at serving you because I will be the real authentic happy me.  I am off to do some decluttering, spend some time with people instead of my computer and have some fun.
What do you do when life becomes  overwhelming and off track?
Share your ideas in the comments.

By Trish Taylor

Author and Speaker