Dating After Divorce – The Dance That Changed My Life

15 years ago today, on a Friday night in England, my divorce was about to come through and I had just celebrated my 40th birthday. A friend invited me to go to a salsa club. I had  been salsa dancing a few times before and enjoyed it, but wasn’t particularly good at it. I was keen to get better.
The people who frequented the salsa scene, seemed to be  split between those who were serious dancers and those who were going for a night out, possibly in the hope of meeting a romantic partner. As we drove to the club in a neighboring town, my friends and I were adamant that  we were not interested in meeting anyone, we were going  purely to improve our dance skills. Who could predict that a few hours later I would be sat in a car in the parking lot kissing an American who had asked me to dance?  My whole life completely changed from that moment. Up until that point I had no intention of getting into a serious relationship, no desire to leave my country, my family or my career.
Sometimes when we step out of our comfort zone amazing things can happen. I went on to marry that American, moved to the US and become an American Citizen.
People often ask me which country is better and I cannot say.  I was happy there, I am happy here. I have had struggles, yet what person leaving everything behind wouldn’t? The crucial fact I always tell people is this. There are good people everywhere and when you find them you can be at home anywhere. I still travel back to England when I can and see both places as home.

Take A Risk

You will never know what possibilities are out there until you step out of your bubble and take a risk. People thought it unlikely I would ever permanently leave the town of my birth. I might not have done if I had not gone out dancing that night. I will never know how life would have turned out if I didn’t.  I do know that I love adventure and am grateful for the opportunity to experience a new country, culture and even a new family.
Here I am, doing things I may never have done, if I had stayed in my comfort zone. You can do or be so much more than you may have believed. There is nothing to stop you, I highly recommend being open to all possibilities, you never know where they might lead.
What have you done that you were scared to do, that you are now glad you did? Share with us in the comments.
“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”  ― Helen Keller
“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”   ― André Gide

By Trish Taylor

Author and Speaker