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NEW! “I had a session with Trish several weeks ago, and I’m just amazed at how 3 hours can change so much! I was dealing with anxiety, stress and fear, to the point that I was crying almost daily and not wanting to leave my house to do simple errands. I would get overwhelmed with negative thoughts and hypothetical situations hat would cause fear regarding my kids. In the past few weeks I don’t remember crying once, and when the negative thoughts come Im able to stop them before they progress! I know I still have some work to do and will definitely be going back, worth EVERY penny and I feel it was more effective than traditional therapy!” Valerie B
“I’ve been visiting Trish off and on for a couple of years working on a variety of issues, but mainly dealing with getting rid of the baggage that was holding me back after an unexpected divorce. Together we worked on releasing anger, fear, and many limiting beliefs that were guiding my “stinkin’ thinkin.” I highly recommend Trish for “getting your head straight” as I like to put it.Trish’s skill…s are top notch and I still remember the feeling I got in the middle of one of her visualizations when I sensed that the way I thought about things in my life just reoriented themselves and popped back into place in a much more healthier way. It’s hard to accurately describe the feelings or sensations of what happened, but I walked out of the office at the end of the session a better man.We even worked on a goal statement for my weight, health and attitudes. Trish then worked her magic on me and created a compelling future state that I simply and naturally “achieved”. We just met to work on a new goal since I’m living my first dream and now want to reach for the stars!” John K
“There are times in your life when you need to acknowledge you are stuck, when you need to trust someone enough to reach out. Meeting with Trish really helped me take ownership of my next steps. I was at this point of wanting to work through the issues that were holding me back in my personal life. Trish helped me deal with some of my past relationship pains and envision a future that I want. She was just the right person to help me with the breakthrough sessions and define my values. The safe space she creates and her skilled implementation of a variety of techniques ensure a positive outcome. She is dedicated to you finding success and genuinely cares about you. She is a master of guiding visualizations. She really hears you and helps you envision a future in a way that you feel as if you actually experienced it!
The resources she shared with me and the books she recommended were extremely helpful and tailored to my needs. The break through process helped me be more aware and introspective. It helped me find mymotivation to take the steps I needed to take to reach my goals with the confidence needed to make it happen.” Robin. JI had a fantastic session with Trish this morning! She is a wonderful Personal Coach and a truly genuine human being! I went in with a couple of emotional blocks that were holding me back and left her office feeling light and in total control of my life. The work Trish did with me in just two sessions would have most likely taken months, if not years with a licensed therapist.”

 Gail Drouin

“Had an appointment today with Trish today at Taylored NLP for anxiety and left feeling exhilarated. Will highly recommend her and will be back for more appointments in the future!! Erin Hinze
“Highly recommend TayloredNLP. Empowerment techniques that truly work.” Mike Arbrouet
“Def recommend Taylorednlp. Trish is a very effective coach and practitioner – helping you find direction and get clarity.” Jay Surti, Executive Coach
“Fantastic and immediate results for anxiety/panic attacks! I used to travel by airplane numerous times each year. In 2006 I had a panic attack, mid-flight that left me with flying anxiety. I had never experienced a panic attack before, but the anxiety it left me with would give me white-knuckled, sweaty palms with just overhearing people discuss flying. Being a gulf coast surfer, I knew that I would have to fly again; there are too many good breaks that are just too far away. Happily busy with work and later opening a business, I was able to put it off for a while and allow the strength of my anxiety to grow.
Thankfully, I began working with Trish Taylor of Taylored NLP, and in June of 2013 I flew to South America and back without anxiety (and luggage, but that’s a different story). The work that we did together approached anxiety in a fun and relaxed manner. Anyone who deals with anxiety knows logically it doesn’t make sense, but that doesn’t change the way it feels! She was able to take me through many different exercises that were fun and exciting, and left me feeling more empowered each visit. I not only faced long flights to South America filled with turbulence without anxiety, but I also started flying locally in a Cessna style plane…for fun!”
Lindsey Jeudevine D.C.
“I had my first session today. I went in stressed and anxious. I came out very calm and relaxed! Amazing, it really works! Best thing is you can use the techniques on yourself! Plus Patricia is really nice.” Marsha Fulton King, Field Interviewer.
“I had my first session with Trish and I walked out feeling that I had some techniques to help me get through a difficult period of time. I felt less tension and better knowing I can go back to Trish to add to what I learned at my 1-1 session. Looking forward to following up with a breakthrough session.”
Misty Anguiano Spanberger – Clinical Consultant
“Trish Taylor is a very talented and motivated NLP practitioner. She truly believes in what she does and that is so important in getting the best therapy. She cares about you and how you feel. She helped me immediately with my day to day activities and allowed me to move past several OCD issues that same day. I’ve learned to give myself some slack and am a much happier and more satisfied person because of it. I will continue to see Trish for any problem I have!”
Elisabeth Soileau – Mommy and Homemaker
“Since my time-line therapy session with Taylored NLP, I have felt emotionally lighter and able to face emotional stress with calmness and strength I’ve never had before. The process was very easy and results were immediate.”
Jennifer Reeves – Owner/Operator, Ferguson Aviation Academy
“The change I felt in my attitude and approach to job searching and interviewing led me to successfully obtain a great job in which the tools I learned through NLP continue to help me. I highly recommend NLP consultation and Breakthrough sessions to anyone who is experiencing stagnation in their life.”
Jessica Forbes – Record Store Manager and Local History Columnist

“At first I was somewhat skeptical of the NLP process because I had never used it and I thought my feelings couldn’t be “fixed.” However, my NLP session has changed my outlook and how I interact and see my future. Taylored NLP worked with me on “reframing” to become more assertive when dealing with family and I couldn’t be happier with the results! In the past, I found holidays and birthdays stressful and overwhelming, but not any more. For close to a year, I’ve been stress free and able to enjoy my loved ones; I no longer feel overwhelmed with the many familial interactions that would leave me feeling anxious. Taylored NLP has truly changed my world!” Emily R. Department of Defense

By Trish Taylor

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