My Christmas Wish For You

Answer This Question?

I want you to answer a question and then I want you to think about it for awhile. Is there someone in your life who needs your forgiveness or a second chance? Someone who should be round the table this holiday season, but wont be?

All I Want For Christmas Is a Time Machine

I want to go back to when my parents were well. When we had Christmases together when we … Ok I don’t want to go back but I do want you to hear my warning.
I won’t see my parents this Christmas and the honest and heartbreaking truth is I don’t know when I will see them again. They are 5000 miles away and in their eighties and not in the best of health. Every time I see them and say goodbye, I hold them tight and wonder? When I visited England earlier in the year I spent most of my time just being with them, enjoying the simple things that I always took for granted when time did not seem so limited.

Is It Time To Mend That Broken Relationships?

If you have a broken relationships with a close friend or family member, please consider making it right. I know that forgiveness and moving forward is not easy. I know you may feel they have hurt you so deeply that you cannot let it go. Just ask yourself; if this were to be your last Christmas would you be happy to have left it this way?
Life is fragile and we humans make mistakes. Could you be the bigger person?  Even if it doesn’t go  as you hope you can at least say that you made the effort.
Check out my video for more on this subject.

By Trish Taylor

Author and Speaker