Cause and Effect in NLP?

People often ask me to define what NLP is, it is one of those questions that is hard to give a simple answer. I can tell you that once I discovered the power of NLP  (Neuro- Linguistic Programming), it revolutionized my thinking and ultimately my life. NLP allows us to use the power of our unconscious mind to achieve our goals.  It also uses modeling, the theory that If someone else is able to do something well, then  we can model their behavior and  be equally successful. There are a whole range of NLP techniques that can help anyone to choose their emotional state and release negative emotions to create a better life.
One of the most powerful lessons NLP taught me is that we are in charge of what happens to us. In NLP terms this is referred to as cause and effect. We need to be at the ’cause’ rather than ‘effect’ side of any issue to have success. Being at ’cause’ is believing that we are in charge of our own outcomes and that we are responsible for what happens in our life. Being at ‘effect’ on the other hand is believing that what happens to us is the result of forces that we cannot control;  the economy, the government, our genes, our upbringing or any other outside influence.
Imagine how much more powerful you feel the instant that you believe you have choices? Look at successful people, many of them have fought against incredible odds to get where they are. The easy option is to blame someone or something else for where we are, when in reality we can do  a lot to change our circumstances.
There are of course people who may have been dealt a worse hand in life, however  that still does not mean they will not achieve great things. Studies have shown that of the factors that influence happiness only 50% of it is genetic and the rest is down to  our environment and intentional activities. Am I always at cause? no, in difficult situations I too  have those  moments of “why is this happening to me?” but how much more powerful is the question, “What can I do about this?” When I began to believe that I was responsible for my own happiness, health, wealth and emotional life things started to look up and they can for you too.
Henry Ford put it so well “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

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By Trish Taylor

Author and Speaker