Saving For a Rainy Day? Maybe It’s Already Pouring?

What are you depriving yourself of? I was recently able to spend time with my Mum on Mother’s Day (It’s in March in the UK) and bought her a nice smart cardigan as a gift. We were going out for lunch and I suggested she wear it. After initially deciding to keep it for ‘best’… Continue reading Saving For a Rainy Day? Maybe It’s Already Pouring?

Living The Four Agreements

When I work with clients and they ask me to recommend a book, I have specific books for different issues. The Four Agreements Is a book that I recommend for anything and everything. It is a book to live by if you want to be happy. Based on Toltec Wisdom, it is  simple guide. I… Continue reading Living The Four Agreements

The Overnight Success Myth

Or How To Gain Success Steadily American Idol and Reality TV shows give us the idea that there is a way to make it big and that it will happen overnight. Yet behind the scenes there is a whole lot of work that goes into making an overnight success.  It’s hard to avoid the abundance  of information out… Continue reading The Overnight Success Myth

These Things Do Not Define You

These Things Do Not Define You You Are So Much More Than Any Of These Your past Your nickname Your family Your job Your failures Your pain Your weight Your education Your guilt Your hairline Your sleepless nights Your mistakes Your insecurity Your fears Your sadness Your binge eating Your mortgage Your long hours Your… Continue reading These Things Do Not Define You

The One Thing That Will Change Your Life

When I was a teenager, I prided myself on being different. I was completely obsessed with  progressive rock music and was convinced that my friends and I were the only ones who knew the real secrets of life. I  would never join the rat race and certainly wouldn’t wear ‘normal’ clothes like a boring person.… Continue reading The One Thing That Will Change Your Life

How To Be Happy

If found following these 21 steps made me much happier. Be nice to everyone, from the person who delivers your mail to the people who you disagree with. Forgive yourself, you are human not a robot, you are not perfect and  you will make mistakes. Smile at people and talk to strangers, it’s hard at… Continue reading How To Be Happy

Entrepreneurs Need A Break Too

I took a little break and had a few days in New York this week. I am so glad I did,  walking for miles each day sightseeing  was both exhausting and exhilarating. The old saying “a change is as good as a rest” is certainly true. I already feel mentally restored and less concerned about things… Continue reading Entrepreneurs Need A Break Too

Sometimes We Need To Find A Different Path

A common NLP theme is that if something isn’t working you should  try something else or look for a different approach. I regularly meet people who are struggling with issues and feel that they have no choices. I believe there is usually a choice but we can’t see it because we are so paralyzed by fear or too emotionally involved to… Continue reading Sometimes We Need To Find A Different Path