Declutter Your Time

Decluttering possessions has become very popular in the last few years and I have been one of those excited about living with less. But what about decluttering your time? Is there something in your life that is sucking your energy, your emotions, your finances or your time? or even draining all of them? In our busy… Continue reading Declutter Your Time

Living The Four Agreements

When I work with clients and they ask me to recommend a book, I have specific books for different issues. The Four Agreements Is a book that I recommend for anything and everything. It is a book to live by if you want to be happy. Based on Toltec Wisdom, it is  simple guide. I… Continue reading Living The Four Agreements

A Guide To A Happy Life

I have read hundreds of blogs, articles and books on success, happiness and how to live a happy life in the last few years. There is no one secret to happiness.  There are ways to make life better, easier and hopefully, ultimately happier. The following list is a culmination of what I discovered. A list of… Continue reading A Guide To A Happy Life

Are You Seeing Anyone? How To Annoy Your Single Friends.

So Are You Seeing Anyone? If you are one of the growing band of happily single people, you probably don’t post about it on Facebook. You are too busy out there, doing exciting stuff that those of us who are married are maybe a little bit envious of. The pendulum seems to be swinging towards… Continue reading Are You Seeing Anyone? How To Annoy Your Single Friends.

Gratitude Is A Magic Marker

Gratitude Is A Magic Marker I am learning that gratitude is a  magic marker pen that allows us to draw a beautiful new life.  On the opposite end of the pen is a transformative eraser, that reframes our problems into possibilities, creating a life that we can learn  to love via the gift of gratitude..… Continue reading Gratitude Is A Magic Marker

10 Tips To Change A Habit

We develop habits over time and before we know it they can become a part of our life that we have a hard time changing. Each person’s habit is different and the only definition of a bad one is that you no longer want to do it.  Whether it be smoking, decluttering, unhealthy eating, or any… Continue reading 10 Tips To Change A Habit

Bragging or Bitching?

Are you generally bragging or bitching? or to put it more politely are you focusing on the positive or the negative? Which are you guilty of?  Most people fall into one of two camps. Either you delight in showing us your vacation photos, your new car, running stats, fancy dinner, children’s masterpiece and graduation videos.… Continue reading Bragging or Bitching?

How Our Canoe Trip Became Couples Therapy

When I agreed to spend a hot summer weekend away, with my husband and some of his Army buddies. I didn’t expect it to turn into a couples therapy session. It was sold to me as a relaxing canoe trip. We would take in the sun, have a few drinks along the way and then… Continue reading How Our Canoe Trip Became Couples Therapy

Are You Ready For Change?

Most of the people I meet who are in need of help are not desperately unhappy. They have simply reached a point where they are ready to make a change. Finally ready to work on the one thing that is between them and the life they want. Sometimes it’s about breaking a habit or thinking… Continue reading Are You Ready For Change?