Audio Books by Trish Taylor

YES! You Are Good Enough

3D audio book cover image Yes you are good enough

It may surprise you to learn that imposter syndrome is common, especially among high achievers, people like YOU who really are good enough.

Yes! You Are Good Enough can teach you to recognize the patterns that led you to believe the false information and move forward with a more positive belief system.

Discover that it’s not too late to believe that you are worthy of happiness.

Follow the 28 point reset plan. 

Learn to do what YOU want and put yourself first.

I'm Never Drinking Again

3d audio image of book cover I'm Never Drinking again

It was only a few drinks…… but it has got you worried.


Maybe you have a drinking problem? At first, it was just part of your life, but as the years have passed, you can’t remember the last time you went a week without a drink. You don’t feel out of control and AA isn’t for you.


Is there another way? Not every problem drinker has lost their job, is in the gutter or has hit their own rock bottom. So many drinkers wonder if they drink too much or too often yet do nothing about it. Whether from fear of being judged, of being called an alcoholic or of facing the truth they aren’t ready to hear, that drinking is no longer a positive part of their life. From the author’s own story of many days waking up and saying I’m Never Drinking Again, she helps you to look at your own drinking with humor, without judgement, offering only helpful practical suggestions and ideas. This book will help if:

  • You are tired of guilt, regret or bad decisions.
  • You are spending too much money on booze.
  • Drinking is affecting your health, your relationships, or your career.
  • 12-step programs feel like a bad fit for you.You’ll love this approach to quitting, because a one size fits all solution isn’t what you need.Get it now