Use These Easy Affirmations To Create A Great Day

If you struggle with knowing what to say when doing affirmations here are some ideas. Choose a few that resonate with you and say them regularly. Write them on a sticky note or as a note on your phone to remind you.
We get what we think about so why not think positive and encouraging thoughts and say them out loud. I also recommend getting into the feeling of what you are saying. Really imagine  them as being true and create the reality.
I also have a companion video that you can use to say the words along with me.

For a Good Day

Today is a very good day.
I attract joy all day long.
I can do anything and everything today.
I am making a difference in the world today.
I’m excited for all the possibilities of today
I love being alive today.
This is my best day yet.
Everything is working as planned.
Things are falling into place perfectly.
I am happy and well.
I am loved.
I am open to everything going perfectly today.
I feel positive and encouraged.


I am focussed on my project.
I am ready to do what needs to be done.
I enjoy doing what needs to be done.
I have all I need to succeed.
I spend my time on activities of value.
I love learning new things.
I learn new information easily and effortlessly.
I am valued in my role.
I love working and supporting my team.

Health and Wellness

I am relaxed and happy when I exercise.
I am strong and powerful.
I eat good nourishing food.
I love my body.
I drink lots of fresh refreshing water.


I am calm and relaxed.
I am happy.
My life is in balance.
I allow positive thoughts and feelings to flow to me and from me.
I focus on information that feeds my soul.


I am safe and secure.
I feel comfortable in my surroundings.


I am good at choosing the right relationships.
I appreciate all of the wonderful people in my life.
I am willing to let go of relationships.
I nurture and care for my friends and loved ones.
I am open to the right people in my life.
I attract the perfect mate that compliments my life.

Money and Abundance

It is safe for me to have an abundance of resources.
Money is flowing to me.
Abundance comes from places I had not even considered.
I love being generous with money.
Money makes me smile.
I love what money brings.
There is enough money for everyone.
There is an abundance of everything I need.
I am comfortable wearing my best clothes every day.
I love what I can do with money.
I enjoy the feeling of having all the wealth I need.
Money is energy.
It is good for money to flow in and out of my life.
Money allows me to be generous.
I hope you find them useful please let me know in the comments which you found useful or if you have some favorites of your own.

By Trish Taylor

Author and Speaker