No News Is Good News


The past few days  have had the best most productive and positive  I have had in a long time. How did I do it? I stopped reading the toxic stuff on Twitter, ignored the arguments on Facebook and turned off the news.
Though not completely switched off from current events, I  found  the  level of overwhelming negativity was taking the joy from my life. I know it is useful and sometimes vital know what is going on in the world, yet the twenty- four hour news cycle and social media negativity has worn me down?
In the past I used to read newspapers, watch the news once a day and seemed more informed than I  do now when bombarded with news and opinion from everyone  and her dog.

It seems that there is an overwhelming desire for people to be right. The comments section of any website, would make a visiting alien believe that humans are a mostly hateful people. I have been trying to focus on positivity but even a recent cake decorating video was full of people venomously fighting over the correct order of rainbow ? colors!
Instead of being obsessed with news, and social media I am finding alternatives to my scrolling.

Reading more actual books has been refreshing. It such a pleasant experience, there is no comments section. I know, there is a revolution happening and I need to be part of it.  I will catch it later I hear its going to be televised!
Seriously though, I care deeply about what happens in the world and have spent a lot of my life fighting for human rights but I can’t keep up with this level of negativity, if I die of a heart attack brought on by stress it wont help me to change the world.
So come join me, if only temporarily. Take a break from the constant news and point scoring. Listen to your heart and find your joy. No news is good news.
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“Negativity is the enemy of creativity.” David Lynch

By Trish Taylor

Author and Speaker