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Trish Taylor is an author, speaker and fearless dreamer-in-training. For over 25 years she has provided individuals, groups and businesses with support, encouragement and innovative solutions to let go of the negative emotions and limiting beliefs that hold them back. 

Her newest book is a complete departure from her usual self-help titles, a fun book for this who want to learn more about Brits and their lifestyle. 

What Others Say


Well written, well paced and very well researched. I enjoyed the anecdotes that brought humor and a personal touch to the book. This book is for any of us searching for ways to increase our effectiveness and push back from negative actions. Resources for alternative therapies are included. Exceptional editing as well!

Meghan G.

Amazon review for Why am I Scared? Face your fears and learn to let them go


This book couldn’t have found me in a more perfect season. This is 100% the book I need right now.
As someone who struggles with feeling like a fraud or that I am not good enough, I felt like this book was written for me!
The author is so relatable as she shares her own struggles. Throughout the book she is supportive and empowering. She asks poignant questions that really make you think.

Nicole R.

Amazon Review for Yes! You Are Good Enough


This book made it ok for me to take a look at my relationship with alcohol without feeling compelled to just quit (which had never worked before). It was a honest and raw and practical perspective that I’d never encountered before. I didn’t drink every day or even to excess most times. But I knew that drinking took up entirely too much mind space, with all the inner monologue, negotiations about moderating and such. Quitting was actually much easier than continuing

Stephanie J.

Amazon Review for  I'm Never Drinking Again



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