Black and white Headshot photograph of author Trish Taylor

Trish Taylor is an author and speaker. For over 25 years she has provided individuals, groups and businesses with support, encouragement and innovative solutions to let go of the negative emotions and limiting beliefs that hold them back. 

Her newest book is a complete departure from her usual self-help titles, a fun book for those who want to learn more about Brits and their lifestyle. 

Trish is currently working on her first fiction book.

3D image book cover for book Put the Kettle On print and Kindle

Do you love all things British and have a quirky sense of humor? With the latest slang, swear words and insults?  Learn about the language, customs and food of the Brits.

3d image of print and Kindle book cover Yes You are Good Enough

Uncover your imposter syndrome and gain confidence.

Follow the 28 point reset plan and learn to do what YOU want and put yourself first.

3d image of print and ereader book cover of I'm Never Drinking Again

 Many drinkers wonder if they drink too much or too often. Whether from fear of being judged, of being called an alcoholic or of facing the truth they aren’t ready to hear. Look at your own drinking without judgement, with practical suggestions and ideas.

3d image of print and ereader book cover of Why Am I Scared

Do you wonder why you feel fearful, worried and anxious. Learn how your fears and anxieties are part of your programming and it is possible to let them go. Includes a detailed solutions section with effective techniques.